Our Farm & Market

Who We Are

Growing up, I would spend every summer at my grandmother's small family farm learning how to grow fruits and vegetables in the garden, raise livestock, and fix equipment. Early on, I developed a passion for food and farming, which led to the purchase of our 100-acre farm in 2003, nestled in the Ottawa Valley's pristine hills near Calabogie, Ontario. 

What We Do 

Our small family garden has since turned into approximately  5 acres of crops, including a small mixed fruit orchard, maple bush and apiary. We plant, grow and harvest a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, wildflower honey, and wood-fired maple syrup using nothing but sun, soil and a little rain. Although the orchard is still in the early stages, we are very excited to see it developing. Along with our gardens, we sustainably manage the woodlot. Using our team of Percheron horses to harvest trees selectively, we ensure a healthy forest for both the wildlife and future generations.

Our Promise

At our farm and market, we work hard to create a social, environmental and economic impact on our local community.  We use organic methods to plant, grow and harvest, use sustainable practices to keep our forest greener and maintain the biodiversity and health of our lands. We take the time to do it right to make sure you get the best quality products, and we support local growers, farmers and artisans as close to home as possible, keeping money circulating within our local economy. 





Fantastic little market! Bought so many wonderful things. We will definitely be regular customers.
Donna Malizia


Amazing products. We have had the Maple Syrup (yum), the Honey (double yum) as well as garden products: beans, turnips, carrots and homemade pickles (so good). I highly recommend ordering from them
Kathy Kelly



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