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Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield

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SUMMER HARVEST. A much loved HEIRLOOM cabbage with solidly tight, conical, folded heads 13-18cm (5-7") in diameter, and 26-39cm (10-15") tall. Planted individually, Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage seeds will form a plant up to 1m (3') in diameter, but they can be planted close together, and will form a canopy over the soil. This cabbage has smooth, thick green leaves that are perfect for coleslaw. They can be harvested in summer or overwintered, and they resist splitting in wet weather. Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage seeds were in listed in W.H. Steves' No 39 Seed Catalogue published in Steveston, B.C. in 1890. They were first grown in the U.S. by Francis Brill of Jersey City in 1840.

Matures in 63 days. (Open pollinated seeds)

    • Tender, dark-green loose leaves
    • Heritage
    • Medium 1-1.5kg (2-3lb) heads
    • Summer harvest
    • Matures in 63 days