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Haico's Hot Sauce Hounds of Hell

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The newest addition to the Haico’s Hot Sauce line is a collaboration between local brewer Stray Dog Brewing Company and Haico’s Hot Sauce. It contains smoked Habanero’s, fresh orange juice and Stray Dog’s Shaggin’ Wagon IPA. The name was chosen after an online contest. It has all the flavours you can expect in succession: Smoked Habanero’s, the freshness of the orange juice and it finishes off with the hoppiness of the Shaggin’ Wagon IPA. It has become a fan favourite fast and is now available online and several outlet locations.

Ingredients: Smoked Habaneros, Vidalia Onions, Stray Dog Shaggin’ Wagon IPA, Oranges, Limes, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Garlic.