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Tomato - Regal Plum

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   Regal Plum Tomato:

  Excellent Late Blight Resistance. A determinate that is great for sauces and salsa. This 4oz hybrid has a bright red interior and exterior that is superior in flavour. It also has a great texture with good crack resistance. With its great disease resistance package it stays healthy in the garden, making it a great choice for home gardeners and organic growers. It has resistance to late blight, Verticillium and Fusarium wilt, early blight and tomato spotted wilt virus. Approx. 65-70 days to maturity from transplant. 

Determinate plants are shorter and do not require staking, although they do benefit from some support or cages. They have a much more concentrated harvest. These are ideal for commercial growers or for home gardeners who want a lot of tomatoes at one time for preserving.